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Nauru rushes to demolish refugee tents before Pacific Islands Forum

| August 27, 2018 | Reply

Last minute efforts are underway on Nauru to get all families and children out of the mouldy tents of RPC 3, the family compound, before the Pacific Islands Forum gets underway in Nauru on 1 September. Requests by families to move out of RPC 3 were rejected as recently as 7 August (by Australian Border […]

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Fourteen refugees fly from Nauru to US today

| July 29, 2018 | Reply

Fourteen more refugees, mostly single men – Rohingyan, Afghans, and Pakistanis – left Nauru this afternoon, Sunday 29 July, to be resettled in the US. The group also includes the single Iranian woman who was previously, incorrectly, reported to have left Nauru on 15 July. The Iranian woman is the only Iranian from Nauru or […]

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Twenty three refugees leave Nauru for the US

| July 22, 2018 | Reply

Twenty-three refugees flew from Nauru to the US today, Sunday 22 July. The group includes two Rohingyan families, one couple with their three children; the other a father and his two sons. The rest are single men – Rohingyan, Afghans, Pakistanis and Tamils. The refugees’ final destinations include New York, Oregon and Colorada. Over 1520 […]

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Thirty more refugees fly to the US but despair grows

| July 8, 2018 | Reply

Around 36 refugees have flown from Nauru to the US today, Sunday, 8 July. The refugees are Afghan, Pakistani, Rohingyan and one Tamil family. There are no refugees from Iran or Somalia, or any countries among Trump’s list of travel-ban countries, which account for around a half of all refugees on Manus and Nauru. The […]

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Nauru petition calls for Fariborz’s body and family to be brought to Australia

| July 2, 2018 | Reply

More than two weeks since Fariborz Karami died on Nauru, the Australian Border Force (ABF) has made no arrangements to meet his family’s request that his body be buried in Australia. The Iranian community on Nauru has initiated a petition calling for the ABF to respect the family’s wishes and make immediate arrangements for Fariborz’s […]

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Nauru cancels refugee day

| June 19, 2018 | Reply

The Nauru government has cancelled its World Refugee Day event scheduled for Wednesday, 20 June. The cancellation is not surprising; there is little sign of a duty of care for the refugees on Nauru, who have become a cash cow for the government at the behest of the Australian government. While millions of dollars are […]

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Refugees leave for the US, as Nauru grieves

| June 17, 2018 | Reply

A bitter sweet moment on Nauru as 21 refugees leave Nauru for the United States today Sunday 17 June (photos attached), only two days after a beloved asylum seeker died in a suspected suicide. The 21 leaving Nauru are from Myanamr, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The group includes two families (one from Myanmar and […]

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Threat level raised on Nauru after asylum seeker death

| June 15, 2018 | Reply

Canstruct, the Nauru detention management company, has declared a “threat level 3” (probable) at the RPC 1 and RPC 3 in the aftermath of today’s suicide. RPC 1 is the detention administrative centre and also houses the IHMS clinic, where the brother and the mother of the deceased Iranian man, “Farhad” (not his real name) […]

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Another asylum seeker dies on Nauru

| June 15, 2018 | Reply

In tragic news from Nauru, a 26-year-old Iranian asylum seekers has been found dead, believed to have suicided, this morning. He was found dead in his family’s tent in the RPC 3 compound around 9.00am, Sydney time. His death comes only three weeks since a Rohingya refugee died on Manus Island. It brings the tragic […]

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US resettlement farce: All Iranians and Somalis rejected

| May 8, 2018 | Reply

All Iranians and Somali refugees on Nauru who have had appointments in the last two days with US officials have been rejected for resettlement in the US. Around 150 refugees had been scheduled for appointments between Monday and Wednesday. But all Iranians and Somalis including families with children and single women have been rejected. Some […]

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