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Nauru authorities ignore eight-year-old after father wrongly arrested

| February 9, 2016 | Reply

Two examples from Nauru reveal the lack of law and order and child services and protection on Nauru. One 44-year-old Iranian refugee father has been in jail since 27 January. He is a sole parent on Nauru. His eight-year-old daughter has been cared for by another refugee family since was he was abruptly taken into […]

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Minister playing loose with Nauru asylum and self-harm figures

| February 6, 2016 | Reply

The attempt by the Immigration Minister and The Weekend Australian (February 6-7) to link self-harm on Nauru with family members being brought to Australia is another shameful effort to cover up the real conditions on Nauru. The people who have been brought to Australia have been brought because there was no adequate medical treatment for […]

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After High Court ruling: Sydney protest to call on government to let Nauru and Manus asylum seekers stay in Australia

| February 3, 2016 | Reply

The High Court decision that detention of asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus is lawful has again revealed the fundamental flaws in the Australian law. Just as the High Court has found that indefinite detention in Australia is lawful, the High Court has found that Australian law allows the government to send asylum seekers to […]

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Nazanin’s family brought to Australia: Now bring all sexual assault victims off Nauru

| January 17, 2016 | Reply

In May, 2015, Nazanin, a 23 year-old Iranian asylum seeker was raped on Nauru. It took three months and a medical emergency for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to finally medivac her from Nauru to Australia in August 2015. At the time, the Department said that Nazanin’s mother and brother would also be […]

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Nauru search rule changes makes sexual harassment official

| December 21, 2015 | Reply

Reports of women asylum seekers and refugees being sexually harassed while being searched on their way into RPC3, the camp accommodating families and single women, have emerged from Nauru. At least two of the searches, one conducted on 6 December and another on 11 December have been the subject of official complaints, and the guards […]

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Free Reza from jail on Nauru: contact Nauruan Consulate-General

| December 1, 2015 | Reply

Update: Reza was released from prison without charge on 2 December: thanks to everyone who contacted the Nauruan consulate Reza Khestinzhad, the Iranian asylum seeker who climbed the crane on Nauru on Friday 27 November, to send a message to the world about freeing the asylum seeker and refugee children from Nauru, is still in […]

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Nauruan crane climber arrested by police

| November 29, 2015 | Reply

The Iranian asylum seeker, Reza Khestinzhad, who staged a nine hour protest on top of a the crane on Nauru on Friday (27 November), has been arrested by Nauruan police. Reza was taken to the IHMS clinic on Friday, around 6.30pm, after he ended the protest and came down from the crane. But this morning, […]

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Nauru police ignore savage assault as asylum seeker flown to Australia for urgent treatment

| November 18, 2015 | Reply

Riza, an Iranian asylum seeker on Nauru, has been flown to Australia for urgent medical treatment for a broken jaw and facial injuries after a savage assault by a local bus driver. The assault took place on Sunday, 15 November. Reza was medivacced to Australia on Monday, 16 November. The assault took place following a […]

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Immigration negligence puts Nauru mother and baby at risk

| November 6, 2015 | Reply

The Refugee Action Coalition is calling for the heavily pregnant, 34 year-old, Kurdish asylum seeker, Hatami (see photo), to be urgently brought to Australia to give birth. Hatami’s diabetic pregnancy means the welfare of herself and her baby is at serious risk. That risk has been dramatically increased because the baby is also in the […]

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Dutton’s Abyan fabrications exposed. Now bring all those at risk off Nauru

| October 29, 2015 | Reply

The return to Australia of Abyan, the raped Somali refugee, has exposed the lies and misrepresentations of the Minister for Immigration, Peter Dutton. “It is now quite clear who peddled the lies and fabrications about Abyan’s treatment and who mislead the Parliament and the public. It was not Abyan; it was not refugee advocates; it […]

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