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Dutton lies, refugees die

| May 3, 2016 | Reply

Despite the Immigration Minister’s attempts to deflect the blame, it is the government that is responsible for the appalling conditions they have created on Nauru. Dutton even created his own “children overboard” moment by suggesting there was a threat from refugees to ‘assets’ on Nauru. Dutton boasts about the money invested in a new hospital […]

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Another refugee sets fire to herself on Nauru

| May 2, 2016 | Reply

A 21 year-old Somali female refugee, Hadon, has set fire to herself on Nauru. She is presently at the Nauru hospital. The Refuge Action Coalition understands that an air ambulance has already been called to medivac Hadon to Australia. Witnesses say she is badly burned – saying all her clothes have been burned off. One […]

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Nauru 40 days: protest for Omid

| April 28, 2016 | Reply

Asylum seekers and refugees continue their protest on Nauru – for the fortieth day. This day focussed on Omid. Chants rang out: We only want freedom; Shut Down Offshore; Transfield, Transfield, shame on you; It was also the day, that Omid, suffering extreme burns, waited more than 24 hours for a medivac flight to Brisbane. […]

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Noose tightens on Manus Island

| April 28, 2016 | Reply

Further legal action, in the PNG Supreme Court, on behalf of hundreds of detainees presently on Manus Island is scheduled for Monday 2 May. The action to enforce the constitutional rights of the asylum seekers sent to Manus by the Australian government will seek more explicit orders from the court for the release and return […]

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Nauru in meltdown – two women missing

| April 27, 2016 | Reply

There are fears that three refugees taken around 3.00am from the Brisbane Transit Accommodation by Border Force officers have been sent back to Nauru. Two of them were seen being bodily carried out of the detention centre by their arms and legs. The three, one Somali woman, an Iranian and a Sri Lankan, had been […]

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Fears of attempted suicide charge following Nauru refugee arrest after attempted self-immolation

| April 20, 2016 | Reply

Refugee advocates are concerned that another refugee will charged with attempted suicide after Nauru police arrested a 38-year-old Iranian refugee on Tuesday afternoon. The Iranian refugee had splashed himself with petrol and set himself alight before neighbours intervened with a fire extinguisher to prevent a catastrophe. Fire-fighters and police attended the incident, with police arresting […]

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Nauru asylum seekers lodge assault complaints against guards as more photos of abuse emerge

| April 8, 2016 | Reply

Seven teenagers assaulted by Wilson Guards during a protest on Nauru on Wednesday night (6 April) have lodged a complaint (see here) with authorities on Nauru. A complaint signed by at least 75 other asylum seekers in the family compound has also been handed to authorities at the camp. (See here). The complaints and the […]

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Teenagers injured by guards in Nauru protest

| April 7, 2016 | Reply

Around 7.30pm Wednesday night, eight teenagers and their families were summoned to receive a letter from Australian Border Force in reply to their protest letter sent two days ago. (See image at bottom.) As the dismissive quality of the ABF letter became obvious – including absurd statements about the quality of medical conditions and education […]

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Protests escalate on Nauru

| April 6, 2016 | Reply

Daily protests continue at the RPC 3 family compound despite increasing efforts by Immigration and the Nauru police to stifle them. More protests are expected today as the asylum seekers were promised a response, by today, from Australia’s Border Force following tent-top protests by children detained in the RPC 3 camp, over two nights on […]

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Third day of protest on Nauru

| March 22, 2016 | Reply

Asylum seekers of the family compound, RPC 3, on Nauru have staged their third protest in three days. In October last year the Nauruan government announced that “all remaining asylum seekers” will be processed. According to February statistics issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, there were 470 asylum seeker still waiting for […]

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