PNG refugee service provider sacks eleven case workers amid rort allegations

| February 13, 2020 | Reply

Eleven of the PNG nationals employed by JDA under contract with Australia have been officially terminated. The sackings follow the resignation of 29 case workers and office staff last Friday.

The JDA workers had revealed gross underpayments and other discrepancies in their pay and conditions including travel allowance and medical insurance.

It is not clear whether JDA has increased any pay rates to those that have been re-employed. It is clear that JDA is trying to get rid of “troublemakers” who have exposed the under-payments.

The dispute with JDA management has left refugees in Port Moresby without needed services from face to face contact with case-workers. JDA management has instructed refugees that taxi vouchers, needed for safe travel in Port Moresby to attend medical appointments, are only available at the JDA office. Refugees are faced with having to pay to get a taxi to the JDA office so they can get a taxi voucher to attend medical appointments.

“JDA is ripping off their own workers while they deprive refugees of services they are contracted to provide,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

The Refugee Action Coalition understands that pay rates are set down in the contract between JDA and the Australian government.

“The Australian government is turning a blind eye to JDA rorting its contract. They are happy to pay millions to keep business as usual for its offshore detention regime,” said Rintoul, “The PNG government should intervene; they should not be letting JDA make millions from exploiting refugees and PNG workers.”

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