Rally 2pm Saturday 20 July

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Six years too long—
Evacuate Manus and Nauru

Rally 2pm Saturday 20 July, Sydney Town Hall

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Over 800 asylum seekers and refugees remain stranded on Nauru and Manus Island. July 19 marks six years they have been tortured there.

The Morrison government refuses to bring them to Australia yet has no other way to resettle them. The US deal is almost exhausted, with just 550 sent there. The Coalition has rejected New Zealand’s offer to take 150.

The Medevac Law, passed in February, has allowed some refugees to access the medical treatment they need in Australia. But the number of people approved for transfer under the law has been very low. And, with improved numbers in parliament, the government now plans to repeal the law. Hundreds of refugees are going to remain stranded offshore.

This is producing a growing despair. On Manus Island there has been an epidemic of self-harm and suicide attempts since the election. The hospital there has been so overwhelmed they are simply turning away refugees with severe mental illness.

The majority of the public now oppose the continued detention of the asylum seekers and refugees on Manus and Nauru. Late last year Scott Morrison was forced to bring all children and families off Nauru.

The mental health and medical crisis on the offshore prison islands is again escalating. Join us to escalate our protests to demand the government close Manus and Nauru and #BringThemHere.

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