Manus in Mental Health Meltdown

| May 21, 2019 | Reply

A heart-breaking suicide note written by Fares, a 31-year-old Sudanese refugee who attempted to hang himself this morning on Manus Island, is just the latest casualty of six years of hopelessness at the hands of the Australian government.

“It has been building for six years, but the weekend’s election result has precipitated a crisis that the government can not afford to ignore,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition. “Offshore detention is slowly strangling the life out of its victims.

Two other refugees are in Lorengau hospital after suicide attempts (including one Iraqi who attempted to hang himself on Monday); and another in the PIH clinic in the East Lorengau compound. (A fourth left the hospital this morning, Tuesday).

Two others who had been held in the police cell since Sunday, when they attempted to set fire to themselves or their rooms, were moved to Shamrock, a low security compound near the East Lorengau compound (see photo).

Yet another refugee, a 41-year-old Iranian who attempted to hang himself on Monday night, is still in the East Lorengau compound.

“Fares and others need urgent help. PIH, the medical provider, is making too much money to recommend the evacuation of the acute mental health cases,” said Rintoul.

“The government has no resettlement arrangements for those still left on Manus and Nauru. The US swap deal is almost completed with just over 500 refugees resettled in the US. Hundreds remain in limbo, and all hope is draining away.”

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