Kids off, everyone off rally

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Rally 2pm Saturday 27 October, Hyde Park north

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Speakers include:
GEORGE NEWHOUSE Principal solicitor, National Justice Project, involved in legal action to get children and adults off Nauru
NICOLE JUDGE Manus whistle blower & star of former “Go Back To Where You Came From” series
FR ROD BOWER Gosford Anglican Church
NAJEEBA WAZEFADOST Afghan refugee and President, Hazara Women of Australia

In recent weeks the mental health crisis on Nauru has escalated. Children on Nauru have been consumed by despair and are refusing food and water. Dozens of other adults and children have been moved to Australia, as a result of court action opposed by Border Force, to get them help. Around 80 children remain there.

Pressure is building with three Liberal MPs, Craig Laundy, Russell Broadbent and Julia Banks, breaking ranks to call on Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton to get all the children off Nauru.

The situation is growing more and more urgent. The doctors’ peak body, the AMA, has called the situation on Nauru “a humanitarian emergency”, calling for children and families to be removed.

Labor has called for medical transfers from Nauru to be made easier. But Labor leader Bill Shorten still refuses to promise an end to offshore detention on Manus and Nauru. He has committed only to further negotiations on sending them to third countries—something the Coalition have already attempted for five years. We also need to escalate the pressure on Labor in the lead up to their national conference in December.

The only solution to the torture on Manus and Nauru is to #BringThemHere.


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