Fires at Yongah hill after detainee death

| September 3, 2018 | Reply

Some fires have broken out in Yongah Hill in the aftermath of the suicide of an Iraqi detainee late Sunday afternoon, 1 September.

Detainees were angry at the news of the death saying that authorities had ignored the dead man’s pleas for help and that he should not have been brought back to the detention centre after he had attempted suicide on Sunday morning.

Many detainees recently transferred from Christams Island were in disbelief that there were no medical facilities at Yongah Hill on weekends.

The Yongah Hill death comes just weeks after coronial inquiries in the death of Fazal Chegani on Christmas Island (in 2015) and Hamed Khazaie in Brisbane in 2014, after Hamed was transferred from Manus Island.

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