US resettlement farce: All Iranians and Somalis rejected

| May 8, 2018 | Reply

All Iranians and Somali refugees on Nauru who have had appointments in the last two days with US officials have been rejected for resettlement in the US.

Around 150 refugees had been scheduled for appointments between Monday and Wednesday. But all Iranians and Somalis including families with children and single women have been rejected.

Some of the refugees have been told that they have been rejected for security reasons.

“The US resettlement deal is finally revealed to be a farce. Iranian refugees account for around a third of all refugees on Nauru. It is just not possible for all Iranians to be rejected on any legitimate basis,” said Ian Rintoul, from the Refugee Action Coalition.

“While Trump says there is no official ban on Iranians and Somalis, it is now very clear that the US administration is imposing an unofficial ban. It is not a coincidence that all Iranians are being rejected.

“Turnbull’s phone call to Trump is coming back to haunt him. Turnbull told Trump that he didn’t have to accept anyone; now Trump is taking him at his word. Turnbull and Dutton have been left with egg on their faces.”

In the last few days, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has admitted there are no other “third countries” for resettlement.

“The ball in now in Dutton’s court. He has rejected New Zealand’s resettlement offer. All the refugees on Nauru have been found, by Australia’s own process, to be owed protection. It’s time Dutton faced up to the fact that his offshore policy had failed. Refugees have no future and no security on Nauru or Manus.

“It’s time to bring all refugees and asylum seekers to Australia where they can get the protection they need.”

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