No amount of money can compensate for Manus horror

| June 14, 2017 | Reply

The announcement of a possible settlement with Manus asylum seekers and the Australian government for false imprisonment and conditions on Manus Island that caused them physical and psychological harm is an admission that the Australian government is responsible for detention on Manus Island.

“It puts the lie to the continual claims from Peter Dutton that Manus Island is the responsibility of the PNG government,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“No amount of money can compensate the asylum seekers sent there unlawfully for the damage that has been done to them. They, and their families, have lost almost four years of their lives. Three people have died.

“The Australian government ignored the order made by PNG Supreme Court in April last year that the Manus detention be closed.

“Now the government will pay for unlawfully imprisoning them. But there won’t be justice until the refugees and asylum seekers are brought to Australia.

“The Labor Party, too, must face up to the role that they have played as the government that negotiated an unlawful arrangement with the government of PNG.

“The bi-partisan support for offshore detention must end. We expect Bill Shorten to encourage the Coalition government to immediately bring the asylum seekers and refugees to Australia.

“No amount of money can solve the fact that refugees do not have a future on PNG. Hundreds of people will be left behind regardless of the US resettlement deal.

“The responsibilities of the Australian government for the future and the safety of those on Manus Island did not end with this court case. We expect an apology from Peter Dutton to all those the government has held illegally and we expect an apology for his lies he told when the detention centre was attacked with gunfire on Good Friday.”

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