More evidence of abuse, but hunger strike continues

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Manus Island detainees are bracing for increased security harassment today (Monday 26 January) after the arrival of more Wilson security guards on the island yesterday.

Hundreds remain on hunger strike into the 14th day, with almost 100 per cent of Mike and Oscar compounds involved in the protest.

Meanwhile more evidence of the witch-hunt and medical abuse emerges. One Sudanese asylum seeker in Mike Compound collapsed, and was taken to IHMS on 20 January after six days on hunger strike.

At the medical centre, three security guards sprayed him with chemical spray before being forcibly restrained and removed him to an isolated room where he was tied to a bed. He was isolated for three days, before being returned to Mike compound. He states that he still cannot see clearly and the damage to his eyes is still clearly visible, in the photos below taken on 24 January.

Fears for jailed asylum seekers

Despite media reports it seems that no asylum seekers shifted to the Lorengau jail in the round up of so-called ringleaders, have yet been moved to Port Moresby.

Fifteen of them have been moved back to the detention centre, the rest of the 58 remain in Lorengau jail.

One of the jailed asylum seekers swallowed razor blades and has been admitted to Lorengau hospital.

“Manus Island urgently needs independent human rights observers. The numerous reports of collective punishment and human rights abuses, must be investigated,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“Wilson’s and the Immigration department are running rampant. Holding people in Chauka is a clear violation of their human rights. But the Immigration department is acting with impunity.

“The people in Lorengau have been arbitrarily jailed to try and break the mass protest. It seems very clear that detaining the asylum seekers with no charge violates the PNG constitution.

“It should be obvious that more force is not going to resolve the hunger strike protest. It is the brutality and arbitrary detention that is driving the protests. Manus Island must be closed.”

Refugee advocates are now trying to engage legal assistance for the asylum seekers being held in Lorengau jail.

International protests over Manus Island are planned over the next couple of days:

Berlin: 6pm – 7.30pm Tuesday Jan 27, Outside the Australian Embassy Wallstraβe 76-79, 10179 (U Märkisches Museum U2) Brussels: 6pm Tuesday Jan 27, Avenue des Arts 56, Region de Bruxelles-Capitale

Boston: 6pm – 7pm Tuesday Jan 27, outside the ‘Australia Day Boston Dinner’ The W Hotel Boston, 100 Stuart St, Boston, Massachusetts 02116 Cambridge: 3pm Monday 26 January, The Guildhall, Market Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

For more information, contact Ian Rintoul mob 0417 275 713


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