Tricked and abused: pregnant women were forced off Darwin bus

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Information from the families of the pregnant women who refused to leave the bus in Darwin after being brought from Nauru to Australia has revealed a shocking story of trickery and abuse.

Contrary to earlier information, the two pregnant women were dragged off the bus between 5.30 and 6pm on Monday afternoon. Adnan, whose wife was on the bus, was physically restrained by four guards as his wife was taken off the bus.

Adnan has appealed for the immigration department to release the families or return them to Nauru. He told the Refugee Action Coalition, “All we want is to accommodation in the community, or send us to Nauru to be free. My wife is suffering physically, psychologically and emotionally. She is distraught. This move [to Australia] is destroying my family. My wife is not prepared for the birth like this. Even though there are no facilities on Nauru, we are better prepared for the baby.

“The past three days has been worse than the last seven months.”

Adnan’s wife, Maryam, has endured abdominal pain (at one time being administered morphine) for almost six weeks before she was transferred to Australia. On Nauru, they were repeatedly told that in Australia, they would be accommodated ‘in the community or a hotel’.

Adnan also revealed that Serco and immigration had intentionally turned off the air-conditioning, allowing the bus to overheat up as they tried to force them off the bus.

On Monday, both pregnant women fainted after the bus was intentionally allowed to heat up. Hussein, the husband of the other pregnant woman collapsed and was taken to the medical centre in the detention centre.

After being taken from the bus, Maryam spent a day in the detention centre, separated from her husband and son, Amir. The family was reunited in Wickham Point last night (Tuesday night).

Adnan also revealed that the Australian government deliberately transported the families to Australia without travel documents. On arrival in Darwin, they were told they had arrived in Australia illegally and that they would be placed in immigration detention.

“The treatment of these families has been callous in the extreme. There needs to be a full and independent investigation of what has happened to the families brought from Nauru. Two pregnant refugee women brought from Nauru to give birth have been shockingly treated, “ said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“To leave them on the bus and allow it to overheat has endangered the welfare of the mothers and the babies they are carrying. The Minister must immediately release the families.”

For more information, contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713


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