Nauru protests escalate: breakout at family camp

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Protests on Nauru have dramatically escalated in the last 24 hours.

Up to 600 people broke out of the family detention compound OPC 3 just after midnight last night.

There was fighting between asylum seekers and security guards and it is believed that a number of asylum seekers have been arrested by Nauruan police.

The escalated protests followed an Australian immigration officer again telling the asylum seekers, “You can’t go to Australia, you must go to Cambodia.”

Protests have also escalated in OPC 2 – the single men’s detention camp. Up to 200 people were involved in the protest last night.

The hunger strike, suspended for two days pending discussions with immigration officers, has started again.

“Day to day, night to night, the situation on Nauru is getting more serious for us,” one Nauruan asylum seeker told the Refugee Action Coalition.

One day ago there was also another self-harm incident involving ingesting washing powder, while another man who attempted suicide by hanging remains in a serious condition.

Protests are being held in Sydney (2pm Town Hall Square) and Melbourne (2pm, State Library) tomorrow, Saturday 11 October to call for the closure of Nauru and Manus Island.

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