Afghan deportation on hold

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The 65-year-old Afghan asylum seeker the government wants to deport to Afghanistan has been given a reprieve, until his court case can be heard. But he remains at risk of deportation if he loses, unless we can create enough political pressure on the Australian and Afghan governments to prevent it. If you haven’t already please sign our online petition, and look out for future anti-deportation actions.

The effort to do deport this man has now been criticised by the Afghan ambassador, after the government attempted to force it through without notifying the embassy, or the Afghan Refugees Ministry in Kabul.

Protest against the deportation outside Immigration Department, Sydney

This 65-year-old asylum seeker has not lived in Afghanistan for 27 years and has no family or support networks in Kabul. Like many other asylum seekers who agreed to go back under coercion from Nauru under the Howard government, he faces danger and death. Join this protest to strengthen the calls to keep him here in Australia. If the deportation goes ahead it will be the first forced deportation to Afghanistan since boats began arriving from there in the late 1990s.

Read the ABC news report “High court puts Afghan man’s deportation on hold until challenge heard”

also see their initial report on the deportation, with information about the dangers Hazaras face in Afghanistan.

More photos of RAC’s protest outside the Immigration Department against the deportation, with about 40 people in the rain,¬†can be seen here.

Don’t forget you can still¬†sign our petition to Scott Morrison¬†demanding he stop this deportation

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