Vietnamese asylum seekers hold Peaceful Hunger Strike

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Around 350 Vietnamese asylum seekers in Yongah Hill detention centre (near Perth) held a 24 hour protest hunger strike on Friday, 6 September (photos below).

The hunger strike was in protest at presence of Vietnamese immigration police visiting detention centres and against the crack down by Vietnamese police in the Vietnamese province of Vinh, the home province of many of the asylum seekers.

Vinh has religious significance for Vietnamese Catholics and has historically been the scene of police harassment crackdowns against Catholics.

It is reported that the police have beaten Vinh residents and also used tear gas in what seems to be a renewed attack on Catholics in the province. There are recent reports of the abduction of Catholics in the province.

One of the Vietnamese hunger strikers at Yongah Hill told the Refugee Action Coalition, “We called the hunger strike protest because DIAC says we do not have any problems at home. But there are big problems at home and the police coming here are a big problem for us and our families.”

The Refugee Action Coalition renewed its call for the Vietnamese exposed to the Vietnamese police to be released from detention and granted protection visas.

“The immigration department has deliberately exposed Vietnamese asylum seekers and their familes to danger by allowing Vietnamese police to gather information from asylum seekers in detention. The events in Vinh show just how recklessly the department has acted. We want a guarantee that no more police visits wil be allowed and that the government immediately release the Vietnamese asylum seekers,” said Ian Rintoul, on behalf of the Refugee Action Coalition.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul mob 0417 275 713


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