Sydney protests: Free Ranjini: Free all the ASIO negative refugees

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Two protests in Sydney on Friday 10 May will call for the release of Ranjini (and her children) and the release of all the refugees, indefinitely detained because of adverse ASIO assessments

(i) Sydney, 12.30pm, CBD, outside Immigration Dept., Lee St;

(ii) at Villawood, 5pm. (Villawood Detention Centre, Miowera Rd entrance,Villawood, speakers include Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon and others).

The Sydney actions are part of national protests to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the detention of Ranjini and her two children in Melbourne. Ranjini has since had her third child, Paari, born in detention in January 2013.

Ranjini is one of 56 ASIO negative refugees (plus seven children) who face a life in detention because of the government’s present discriminatory policy.

Ranjini and a handful of other ASIO-negative refugees have given evidence to the review of the ASIO decisions being run by retired judge Margaret Stone. But the Stone review is severely limited. Not least because her findings will only be recommendations; the final decision will remain with ASIO and the Immigration Minister.

“Most of the ASIO negative refugees have been in detention for between three and four years. Their physical and mental health deteriorates day by day. They should be released. They, and their families face a life sentence without any proper appeal rights,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“An adverse ASIO assessment does not mean that the refugees are any threat to the Australian community and there is no evidence that any of the ASIO negative refugees are any threat to the community. Indeed, involvement with so-called people smuggling can be enough to attract a negative finding. ASIO does not require them to be in detention. The Minister has the power to release them on bridging visas but is simply sitting on his hands.

“We are extremely worried that unless there is a speedy decision by the current Minister, they will be left vulnerable to any incoming Liberal Immigration Minister. The Coalition has said it will remove even the limited review rights of the Stone review from the ASIO negative refugees.”

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

World Refugee Day rally, Sydney Town Hall, Sunday 16 June, 1pm – No Crime to Seek Asylum; End mandatory detention; Close Manus Island, Close Nauru; rally for right to processing, and right to work


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