Nauru refugees start lip-stitching; hunger-strike resumes

| February 19, 2013 | Reply

Reports received this afternoon (Tuesday February 19) by the Refugee Action Coalition from inside the detention camp on Nauru indicate that fifteen refugees have started a hunger strike, and that four have stitched their lips. These developments come amidst a deepening crisis in the camp, and follow yesterday’s escape by five detainees.

“Lip-stitching among asylum seekers has not been seen since the darkest days of the Howard government,” said Refugee Action Coalition spokesperson Nick Riemer. “These desperate acts will continue and worsen until the Australian government closes Nauru.”

Last year saw protracted mass hunger strikes on the island. Current reports indicate that medical supplies are unavailable, and that refugees are being turned away from the camp’s medical centre without receiving any proper care.

A protest by all the Iranians detained on Nauru was planned for today.

More information: Nick Riemer 0435 533 027


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