Salvation Army steps up harassment and restrictions on internet on Nauru

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Anger is also growing at the Salvation Army increasing its restrictions on asylum seekers use of the internet.

Not content with reducing the hours asylum seekers can have for monitoring news, and updating their Facebook and Web pages, the Salvation Army is now monitoring individuals use of the internet.

The Salvation Army bosses of the computer room are calling security guards to the room to monitor the internet use by some of the asylum seeker regarded as ringleaders.

“The security guard sits behind me watching what I am doing and writing it down,” one asylum seeker told the Refugee Action Coalition.

The Nauru asylum seekers have already given the Salvation Army a protest letter signed by a majority of the Nauru detainees. “Until now, we have no response,” one of the signatories told RAC, “We will give them another day or two to respond to our letter and we will protest.”

The Salvation Army’s attack on the use of the internet has drawn criticism from other sections of the Salvos. It seems that the contract for the Nauru and Manus Island detention centre is held by the Australia Eastern Territory Salvation Army. The section that covers Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia is critical of the Pacific Solution and the role of the Army in the Nauru detention centre.

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