End the torture on Nauru – release all the refugees

| December 7, 2012 | Reply

The release of hundreds of asylum seekers from detention into the Australian community has renewed anger and protest on Nauru.

Between 25 and 30 people remain on hunger strike.

Two Pakistani asylum seekers on Nauru showed Immigration officers photographs of two of their friends who had been flown to Melbourne to live on bridging visas. They demanded to know, ‘what is the difference between us?’

“This is what is driving us crazy,” they said pointing to the photographs of their released friends, “We are the same. Why are we on Nauru?”

More self harm and collapsing hunger strikers has meant another busy day for the medical centre. Around lunchtime today Nauru time, three asylum seekers (one Iranian and two Pakistanis) self-harmed while more than 10 hunger strikers have been taken to the medical centre for treatment.

Shamefully, staff have stepped up the harassment of hungers strikers. Platters of water, fruit, biscuits and other food have been placed in front of them in a spiteful attempt to entice them to end their protest.

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