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Forty-four transferred from Manus to Port Moresby, but refugee relocation is no solution

| August 28, 2019 | Reply

Forty-four refugees from two compounds (10 from West Haus and 34 from East Lorengau compound) on Manus Island are being transferred from Manus Island to Port Moresby this afternoon. The refugees are being transferred for medical treatment and other to ‘progress their US resettlement applications’. But there are suspicions that today’s relocations are part of […]

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Nauru refugee in Brisbane burns intensive care unit

| August 25, 2019 | Reply

Jamal, the 36-year-old Pakistani refugee who set himself on fire on Nauru on Friday morning (23 August) is now in intensive care at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. Jamal was flown from Nauru to Brisbane by air ambulance yesterday, Saturday 24 August, around 11.30am. His condition is still unknown. There has been no statement from the […]

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Nauru refugee sets himself on fire

| August 23, 2019 | Reply

A 36-year-old Pakistani refugee on Nauru has been badly burned after he set fire to himself in a suicide attempt, this morning, Friday 23 August. The refugee set himself alight in front of a mental health doctor who was attending his room in the Ewa camp. He has been taken to the notorious RON hospital. […]

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Australian detention centre in Port Moresby is worse than Manus; worse than prison

| August 22, 2019 | Reply

Refugee advocates have growing concerns regarding the conditions at the high security detention centre annexed to the Bomana prison. Information about the newly opened Bomana detention centre indicates that conditions at the centre are as bad as those in the first months of the opening of the Lombrum detention centre on Manus. The fifty-two men […]

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Fears for 52 refugees being held incommunicado in Australian detention centre in Port Moresby

| August 21, 2019 | Reply

There are growing fears for the welfare of the 52 Manus refugees who have been held incommunicado in the Bomana detention centre for the last eight days. The 52 were taken from their accommodation in Port Moresby in the early hours of Monday 12 August. Nothing has been heard from them since. “We are growing […]

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PNG uses ruse to open Bomana prison detention centre

| August 12, 2019 | Reply

Overnight, PNG Immigration has moved to open a open a new Australian detention facility in Port Moresby, annexed to the Bomana prison. The detention centre has been funded by Australia and has cost over $20 million. Around 50 asylum seekers deemed not to be refugees have been transferred to the new detention facility overnight on […]

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Refugees across Indonesia protest today about 6-10 years limbo caused by Australian policies

| August 5, 2019 | Reply

The refugees, from many nationalities, who have stagnated in limbo for 6 to 10 years in Indonesia, will begin peaceful protests today, Monday 5 August, 1pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (10am, Jakarta time) at UNHCR offices in the cities of Jakarta, Makassar, Tanjung Pinang, Batam and Surabaya. JN Jonaid, an Afghan refugee in Makassar for […]

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Hundreds of TPV refugees to protest at Parliament House

| July 26, 2019 | Reply

Hundreds of Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) and Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) holders, and protection visa applicants from around Australia will converge on Canberra to hold a protest on the lawns of Parliament House, on Monday 29 July, from 10.00am-11.30 am. The protest will move to the UN headquarters between 1.30 – 2.00pm. There are […]

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Yes, Prime Ministers, the refugees are still detained on Manus Island

| July 22, 2019 | Reply

A press conference at Parliament House, held by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and PNG Prime Minister James Marape, has seen both leaders repeated the myth that refugees and asylum seekers are not detained on Manus Island. In April 2016, the PNG Supreme Court found that the refugees had been unlawfully transferred to PNG by Australia […]

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NSW Police and City of Sydney Council threatening civil liberties in the CBD

| July 16, 2019 | Reply

In a further crack-down on civil liberties in NSW, NSW Police have prevented a human-rights march through the Pitt St Mall on July 20. The march is part of the ‘Six Years Too Long’ demonstration being organised by the Refugee Action Coalition (RAC) to protest against six years of the offshore detention of asylum seekers […]

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